To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend Barry Hill for a job that requires a confident, motivated and overall well-liked person. I met Barry over thirty years ago while racing motocross and traveling to and from events together. He has always impressed me, as well as many others with his ability to present facts or ideas and his willingness to make decisions. I myself raced motocross professionally representing the USA for Factory Honda Motor Company until 1985. During my career I have worked with world class professionals and I consider Barry as one of them. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to call me.

Oh Yeah, and we have been through New York together at midnight!!!

Very truly yours,


The year was 1966, I can recall it like it was yesterday. Peewee football sign ups was taking place at Carthage Municipal Park. We were all standing in line with our parents nearby. As we looked to the horizon, a figure appeared in a complete football uniform, in a dead run directly toward us, as if a kick off to a game just happened and he was looking to tackle someone…anyone!! Coach “Doc” Baker called him “Barry Hill”. Coach told him it was just sign ups not the first day of practice. We all looked at each other and I knew our leader had arrived. I spent the next 40 years with my best friend Barry Hill and I can tell you he is the toughest SOB I’ve ever known in my life! From street football, alley basketball, neighborhood boxing, pitching no hitters in baseball, holding track & field records for 20 years, going undefeated in football, always fighting off kids 2, 3, and 4 years older and racing motocross. Barry is the greatest athlete in Carthage history PERIOD!I was in his motocross pit crew for a few years. It was the last lap at a race in St. Louis. There was a downhill before the finish line. He was leading the race but clipped a fence post on his Husqvarna motorcycle, the bike flipped, end over end, all the way to the bottom of the hill. Barry was catapulted off the bike but some how got up and ran to his piece of scrap metal. It looked just like a pretzel. He finished the American National Championship in 10th place that day. If you need a mentor, trainer, coach or a leader…just call Barry!

You won’t be disappointed!!

Terry Coady

Fletcher Auto Company Joplin, Missouri

To whom it may concern,
I first met Barry in our athletic program. I immediately saw the characteristics that have made him a good leader, a great competitive spirit, and the determination to win. He was our football team’s quarterback and middle linebacker for 3 years. We had an undefeated season. Barry was well liked by his teammates and the student body as well. Those friendships have continued to this day. It is with great pride that I have seen the things he has accomplished through out his life.

Gary Coates

Carthage Missouri
Former Football Coach

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend M. Barry Hill as an honest, intelligent and honorable man. One who has a vast knowledge of motocross, acquired from his participation in motocross racing, his building of motocross tracks and his staging of motocross races.

I have been involved in the local motocross scene for over two decades and have known Mr. Hill since 1984. Whether competing as a national calibre rider on the PRO Circuit or through his long involvement with local motocross racing, including his participation with local promoters in holding motocross events and personally building race courses, I have always found Mr. Hill to be knowledgeable, competent, professional and dedicated to the sport of motocross. The veterans divisions became so popular in Las Vegas that a super vets “25 years +” was added to compliment the regular vets “30 years +” and “40 years +” no matter, Barry Hills just rides 2 more motos.  That leaves him with 6 competitive races for one day.  A weeks work for most.  Anyone good enough to win 3 straight pro 500cc championships (as Hill did) should be able to dominate all vet divisions (as Hill also did). Barry was the motocross answer to the Ironman Triathlete award and amazed the local motocross scene.  Hill was master and every else was left to fight over second place. He won the 250 main event in the Thomas & Mack Center monster jam.  He designed and helped build the second Sam Boyd Stadium SX track and his bike and rider won the main event.  In his first 5 years of Las Vegas residency he won 13 local and state championships. WOW! In my opinion, Mr. Barry Hill would be an excellent choice to build and maintain a first-class Motocross Facility and to safely and professionally hold races, practices and compatible events. I would recommend him most highly.

CYCLE NEWS correspondent for local events

Sportswriter and chronicler of local motocross

HCR 38, Box 170, Las Vegas, NV 89124

Amazing Races! Amazing Mechanic!  The memories make it feel like it was yesterday.  I can never thank Barry Hill enough for the amazing time we spent in my career in racing motocross and supercross. Barry, you know you are the man, the best mechanic/trainer I have ever know…still to this day.  He would fight for you and even ride for you.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Love you, Barry!

Kerry Mulligan

Professional Motocross Rider

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