These fine individuals listed below are being recognized and sincerely thanked for their personal contribution and friendship in the motorcycle riding career of Barry Hill and are hereby inducted into the

Skunk Factory Motocross Hall of Fame

Eldon “Big Daddy” Hill – Farlington, Kansas
April K. Hill – St. Louis, Missouri
“Uncle” Jerry Hill – Topeka, Kansas
Alex J. Hill – Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Danny “Magoo” Chandler – Forest Hill, California
Mike Cooper – Topeka, Kansas
Richard Ebert – Topeka, Kansas
Jack Meier – Topeka, Kansas
Jim Bishop – Perry, Kansas
Ron “Godfather” Bedell – Topeka, Kansas
John & Thuman Hiller – Topeka, Kansas
Billy Joe Oertle – Pittsburg, KS
Jim “1st American” Pomeroy – Yakima, Washington
Eyvind Boyesen – Lenhartsville, Pennyslvania
Rolf Tibblin – Carlsbad, California
Terry D. Coady – Carthage, Missouri
Ron D. Stiles – Carthage, Missouri
Tom “Grips” Doherty – Paola, Kansas
Billy Daprato – West Sacramento, California
“Mighty” Mitch Wells – Las Vegas, Nevada
John “Bandit” Van Hoove Jr. – Las Vegas, Nevada
Kerry Mulligan – Las Vegas, Nevada
Chuck, Barb and Chris Trickle – Las Vegas, Nevada
Virgil “Machi” Delrio – Las Vegas, Nevada
David Dutt – Las Vegas, Nevada
Richard Goodwin – Las Vegas, Nevada
Jim “The Rock” Keeton – Las Vegas, Nevada
Brent & Stone Lobanoff – Little Rock, Arkansas
Flank Fletcher – Little Rock, Arkansas

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